java update stops DB connection

I have just let Java update itself (V8 update 101) and agreed to have older versions removed. Immediately afterwards, LO Base loads OK but when I click on Table 1 I get the error message 'The connection to the data source “Master” could not be established. error in script file line: 3 File input/output error opening file - file D:\Documents and Settings\Documents\Joint\Databases\ in statement [CREATE CACHED TABLE “Table1”].

Help! What’s wrong, and what can I do about it?

Did you install the right JRE? Look here:

This is 99% of the mistakes.

Thanks for the response, ebot, but I’m afraid it didn’t help. I cannot identify a specific ‘JRE’ on my PC. I have LO 64 bit and have downloaded and installed 64 bit Java. In LO Tools-Options-Advanced I have ticked ‘Use a Java runtime environment’, and the system displays Oracle V 1.8.0_181`, with a path that appears correct - C:\Program Files\Java\jre 1.8.0_181. So obviously LO knows where to look, yet I am still getting the ‘connection to data source’ failure message. What else can I try?

First, see the answer from @Ratslinger. Were all the latest updates to Windows 10 completed successfully? My system with OS WIN10-1803 64-bit with LO version (x64) and Java 8 Update 181 (64-bit) version 8.0.1810.13 works without problems.


Sorry to see you are having so much trouble with LO & Java. Can’t say specifically what the problem may be since I don’t use Windows anymore. However, have seen many complaints using new Java versions. It is possible you had a Java version which worked on your system and the newer version does not (could not even begin to explain why). You then had all older versions deleted. So if this were my system I would try older versions of Java until I found one which worked.

Possibly to save some time, have recently used a Win 10 system with LO Base and it was using v1.8.0-131 without a problem. You can find that version here → Java SE Runtime Environment 8u131 about a third of the way down the page. Also keep in mind you can have multiple versions of Java installed but that is up to you (I have 5 on Linux). With multiple versions you must make sure the correct one is selected for Base in LO under the Advanced section of Options.

If it works, you can always try later versions at your convenience.

Hope this helps.

Despite all the help I still have the same symptom. I have installed older versions of Java including JRE 8 U 60 that I know was working OK with my LO since January. I must assume that the recent update of Java to V8 101 on my PC has somehow introduced a fault into the way LO is trying to communicate with Java. I suspect that my .odb file has become corrupted, because I have just transferred it to a laptop where the same symptoms appear - even though an older version of it on that laptop runs

The responses here have all been welcome, and I am grateful, but they have not solved the problem. I have investigated further and established that Java was not (at least directly) at the root of the problem; it is my .ODB file that is corrupt. I have loaded a backup version from my external HD and it works perfectly. Of course, I still have no idea what damaged the .ODB file in the first place - perhaps it was the Java update!

I was grateful that I had a backup. For the benefit of others who may have this problem, Ratslinger has made a helpful suggestion elsewhere that may let me retrieve the data from the non-working .odb file - [Retrieving Data from an unusable databse