JDBC connection

I have L.O. portable on WIndows 10

If I use ODBC then of course only the one MySql database is used. But base seems to crash if doing a parent child form.
So I’m using jdbc instead.

The problem, with jdbc connection (which works), however more than one database is pulled in, even though in the setup dialog I only entered the name of one mysql database, when loaded in base I can see and access all and other mysql databases.

How do I get only the one database to show up.

ver 6.* all do the same.

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checkbook should be the only one.


It appears you have multiple questions here.

For the ODBC (and others) problem with sub forms, see my answer (and subsequent links) in this post → Error message in Base: The data content could not be loaded. Invalid Descriptor index.. Don’t think Base crashes but rather an error is displayed.

Now for Base and MySQL. After reading this you may want to check for existing bug reports and file one if you feel inclined to do so here → Bugzilla.

Now prior to either v6.1.x or 6.2.x Base & MySQL worked as you stated: Connecting (displaying) to only one DB (actually in MySQL there is only one DB; all else is nothing more than multiple schema). This is when LO was changed to use MariaDB connector for SDBC connection vs the MySQL SDBC connector. This caused multiple problems for my systems and I moved to PostgreSQL dropping MySQL completely.

No you can eliminate the display of the other schema you do not want to see. From main Base screen menu select Tools->Table Filter... and there you can remove the display of items not wanted. Once done, while in the main Base screen on the Tables section, from the menu select View->Refresh Tables and you should now only see what you have selected.

Only my opinion, but this could be correct either way as the MySQL container does not truly have multiple databases as say PostgreSQL does.

Thanks that solved the problem.