JRE is Defective

Updated Java to version 8 and now I can’t open Libre Office.
When I try it pop up the Recovery window, again and again.
I’m totally stuck as I’m not the best in fixing problems on computers. Just want to be able to use it.

Any help, please.

Hi ajonsson

The current setup is stored within your Profile. Therefore, try resetting your Profile (Q59016) (fully reversible).

If that does not work, then please give much more info: which LO? OS? Versions? 32-bit or 64-bit? Etc…

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:)

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I have this problem too, and resetting the profile did not work. I managed to solve it the easy way(!) - go to Tools-Advanced and a window comes up which allows you to select a Java environment. In my particular case I have two JREs - one for 64-bit and one for 32-bit, but they have the same file name. When you select one of them it also gives the directory name (not good UI design here IMHO). Make ure that you have the right one for your LO installation. As i understand it, the default LO is 32-bit, so you need the Program Files (X86) version. I suspect that LO gets the wrong one (again, a design bug…)