jump to input line

In calc is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to the input line?
Say I’m done editing a cell and want to edit the one below, I hit return and I can do f2 to edit cell but the cells are too small and I’d like to jump to the input box at the top at this point and edit up there without having to reach for the mouse.

Hi. It looks as though you might need to create a shortcut. Have a look at this question Calc : How to edit formulae in formula bar directly

Thanks. When I went to tools>customize>keboard_tab I saw that shft-ctl-f2 was already set for that!
I added alt-f2 for that but when trying I find that alt-f2 brings up the LXDE “Run” command dialog so I made it alt-f3. That’s not too bad on the fingers.