Jumplist items on LO Writer icon vanish upon upgrading- 6 years later. Is there a solution?

I’m afraid I have not been able to find a solution to this dilemma. Jump lists in Windows are an essential part of keeping documents accessible. From the begininng, LibreOffice (Writer is almost exclusively the only component I use) with its frequent version upgrades wipes clean the Jump Lists I painstakingly compiled for the program. I am asking here if anyone knows how to prevent LibreOffice from randomly destroying the jump list when the program is upgraded. And how to get the Jump List back once it is gone!
Thank you in advance.

What so you mean as “Jumplist”? The “Recent documents” list inside the LibreOffice Menu? Or the large icons/tiles of the recently edited documents in the main start page of the LO?

I suspect this is what is meant; from JumpList Class (Windows.UI.StartScreen) - Windows UWP applications | Microsoft Docs

A jump list is a system-provided menu that appears when the user right-clicks a program in the taskbar or on the Start menu. It is used to provide quick access to recently or frequently-used documents and offer direct links to app functionality.

I remember to read the discussion on a Bug Report to the topic.

The Problem seems to be the generated ID for the jumplists in Windows.
If I’m remembering right, These ids are made by hashing the install-file with path.
So every installation from a new install File will geht a new ID.

Therefore somebody needs o write Code for the installer to get this information and move it in the new Installation. If MS had used the folder of the Application No Problem would arise.

Quick search for jumplist finds the Bug-Report

and this old Threads at ask: