Labels - vertical alignment is lost after file has been closed

When creating labels using the label wizard, once the new document has been created I proceed to set vertical alignment to “center”. When I now save and then close the document, opon reopening the same document the alignment went back to “top”.
The same happens when I print the document to file, opening the file created, the alignment went back to “top”.asdf.odt

Which format do you use to save the document?

Hi Mike, I safe it in LO’s native ODT format.

Was that you who filed this bug?

No, that wasn’t me but it describes the same issue.

Just a note: if that’s a same issue, then you missed a critical part in your description: that you changed that in style, not per-object. Please don’t omit such info, because it’s important for others to reproduce.

As it’s tracked in Bugzilla, please watch it to get news about it. The workaround is either to set alignment per-object, or use 5.0 for a while.

Thanks Mike. How do I set the alignment per object? It seems to me that when using the label wizard that the only way to set the vertical alignment is via the frame style.

I don’t use the label wizard, and it would help if you attach a sample file here (as I’m not inclined to try myself to see what’s the problem in the wizard’s result). Usually I select the frame and right-click it to edit its properties, but as you seem to be unable to do that, there might be some specific subtleness in the wizard’s output. I upvoted the question to enable you attach here.

I did the same, I just selected the same action from the top menu bar (Format>Frame & Objext>Properties>Options>Alignment). It does the same. I just tried to access this function from the right click menu and it will produce the same error.
I have attached the file to the original post.

Your case is slightly different. The bug I mentioned deals with problems in saving the property in style. Your one has same problem with individual object (which wasn’t the case in the bug).

I suggest you to append your file to that bug, and comment about how to create such file from scratch.

Hi, I am confused now. I went to read the bug report once more and it seems to me that he is also using the same functionality only that he choose to access it from the sidebar menu. I see no other way to modify vertical alignment within a label field, so we should be talking about the same issue? I think I am not sure what is meant by “individual object” in this regard.

Frame style is accessed from Styles and Formatting (F11) - Frame Styles button in the top row of the sidebar deck. Your frames are using “Labels” style, so changing that style’s properties modifies all frames at once (unlike when you select a single object, and use its properties).