LibO for enterprise

When does a LibO release become “enterprise-ready”?

Looking at the Release Plan page, it doesn’t say anything about whether a release is enterprise ready or not. Looking at the press releases (I’ll use LibO 4.0 as an example):

The announcement for 4.0.0 does not contain any message about enterprise readiness, but since it is the first release in the 4.0 series, I would automatically assume it is not enterprise ready.

The announcement for 4.0.1 contains the following text: “For enterprise adoptions, though, The Document Foundation suggests the more solid and stable LibreOffice 3.6.5, backed by certified level 3 support engineers.”

The announcement for 4.0.2 does not contain any message about enterprise readiness.

So I guess my question is, can I tell by version number when a particular LibO series is enterprise ready? In other words, am I safe if the version is x.y.2? Or should I wait for x.y.3 or even x.y.4?

If we enterprise sysadmins could have some kind of guidance, either in the press releases or on the Release Plan page, that would be extremely helpful.

See release schedule at: at the Summary section there is picture with displayed recommendations. For “conservatives users” what the enterprise users actually are should be waited to fix 4, so x.y.4, so wait for 4.0.4 released in June 2013 or use 3.6.6 released few days ago.

But you need to know, that there is no guarantee that in your environment everything is going to be working without a problem. There can be some specifics in your environment that requires some special bug/bugs to be fixed.

By the way, how big is your enterprise? How many people employed? How many end-users are going to have LibreOffice installed? What are users currently using? What is operating system to be used and version? How will products be installed - using end-user personal computers local disk or some network solution? Please write more about your environment.

In enterprise any kind of software migration if not taken seriously enough there is big change there will be a lot of unhappy users and migration as a whole will fail. Make sure you have a level 3 support (you will need to make some contract) in case some serious problem appears in your environment and needs to be fixes as soon as possible. I strongly suggest to read following white paper how to properly migrate to LibreOffice for enterprise users: (PDF document 8 pages).

Also search internet for “migration to LibreOffice” and learn from other users mistakes.

Enterprise migration succeded:

Enterprise migration failed:

Try this link it might answer your question.

@horst pointed to “the most conservative users” thus I regards myself as an extrem conservative user because I switch at x.y.4 to next version. And I am very happy with the performance of LibO. LibO is the standard SW for my company.

However, recently I am testing earlier versions eg. 4.0.2 and consider to mutate from “extrem conservative” to “most conservative”…

A point I observed with now almost 1 year of using LibO is that here you can post bugs, read about bugs, follow up bugs, be involved in solution etc… However using MSO gives you only a message that a bug occurred and information will be send to MS. Also MS has bugs… most people just don’t know that the strange behavior of MSO is a bug.

Thus be extreme or most or less conservative and implement LibO for an enterprise.