Libre Calc can't make comments box bigger.

Therefore I can’t read them. Only affecting one file in both xlsx and ods file format. Urgent important info in these comments boxes which I can’t now refer to. Only is happening in column A the rest of the comments throughout the sheet can be read. In column A when I hover of click to read a comment it opens the content is vertically aligned, and narrow 1 character wide. It’s impossible to click on “square” to drag and enlarge it. There is what seems to be a black line running through the text. Not sure if this is a very long arrow. If I copy and past contents of column A to another sheets or in same file or brand new file the same thing happens so I’m guessing it’s some kind of formatting issue then a corrupt file, which is promising. Any ideas how to fix this?

I’ve had this problem before. The answer you’re looking for is in this thread:

How do I resize the Comments?.

About a year ago there was a thread in where the large number of annotations (comments) was stressed. To allow for automated adaption of settings (in specific the width) in one go I wrote a couple of macros.
If interested you find the code together with a demo here. There wasn’t addressed the visibility. If you want to also make all the touched annotations shown (or hidden) at the same time, simply insert the following line of code as line number 41 inot the Sub reworkAnnotationsForRange: cr_anno.IsVisible = True replacing True with False if wanted.