Libre calc - insert line or paragraph break in text cell

I’d like to insert a line or paragraph break inside a cell that has text using regular expression (which I’m new to).

Reference Lidia


I’ve tried the following (with regular expression box ticked), none have worked:

*Find: Reference

Replace: Reference \n*
and Replace: Reference \n\n

What am I missing?

It’s not possible by Find&Replace, see some topics like that:

LO documentation writes:

Using ‘\n’ in the ‘Replace with’ box will replace with the literal characters ‘\n’, not a hard line break.

Macro? - Or use a formula containing char(10) for linefeed, see above first link…


I found this disappointing document which I underlined in red. Someone thought nobody would put line breaks in Calc cells.


Would somebody perhaps like to improve Calc Search & Replace functionality so that one can search for backslash n and put line breaks their places?

Thank you for contributing to LibreOffice.

Currently I’m back to LO6.1.5, but some Month ago with LO7.x the replace-field accepts the unicode-input via <ctrl><shift>u followed by 10 and <enter> … doesnt this work anymore??