Libre Calc Use Form Wizard

Using Libre Calc Linux Mint 21.3

I can get the toolbar with the toggle form control wizards. And toggle works I think. But no form design pops up. Is there another toolbar to open ? or an add-in to trigger ?
I want a button to open form as required as available in wizard.
Data-Form opens great and works well. I however need to have a named form available at all times

Form Controls to add a control to a document.

On the other end, Data>Form is a dialog.
so, if you want your owndialog, you’d likely need to go for something like Creating a Basic Dialog

Thanks fpy.
If I use the Data-Form it opens and works as I want. One issue when you exit the form and come back to it, with new entries it overwrites the earlier entries. How to get the form to open with previous entries showing in the form where you can scroll to any entry./ Also is it possible to use the ‘enter’ button instead of using the down arrow for next piece of data and a final enter on the last detail to set up a new entry etc.? Thanks

for reference : Data Entry Form for Spreadsheet
then, do not hesitate to submit grounded bug/enhancement requests :
Dependency tree for Bug 116461

for a maybe more robust approach, you may consider leaning to base; e.g Can you use Calc for viewing and editing Base data? - #4 by Regina

this almost off the shelf :