Libre Office How do I turn on the text showing the width of the column while changing the width

I have this version on several computers. All are running MX19 . Some have this feature turned on others do not. How do I turn it on in the ones that do not have it?

It looks like a tooltip so maybe the answer to this question could help, how to turn on tooltips
Cheers, Al
NB I have extended tips (Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/General - Extended tips) turned off but still see the column width when altering so not extended tips.

OK. I tried altering the setting, that MikeKaganski suggested in the link I gave, and it turned off the width tooltip for me so it must be the correct setting.

Open Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced > Expert Configuration and scroll down to org.openoffice.Office.Common, expand the Help and select the line with Property Tip. Click the Edit button and the setting will toggle to True, OK out. Cheers, Al

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Also can double click on the line.