Libre office keeps crashing crashing (, macbook air 2015)

I use libre office om my macbook air 2015. It is continually crashing when i’m using it. there’s no particular reason, ie it doesn’t happen when i’m doing something specific. i could be doing anything: typing, hitting option key + p or anything else. sometimes it crashes continually, ie immediately after it has recovered a document until it finally recovers a document that stays open. Is there any way to stop this happening?

Have you looked at LibreOffice unstable and applying both parts of the the answer

Sorry, the answers given there didn’t help me. Do you have any ideas for someone not particularly computer savvy?

Have you tried @iplaw67 answer below?

@mumtaz please advise as to version of macOS, and whether the current release version of LibreOffice solves your initially reported problem.

Move to 7.4.5, or 7.5.
Both of these versions contain a number of fixes for the annoying crashing behavior that was introduced in 7.2, and which affected macOS.

I have moved with no improvement :frowning:

Please test with a clean profile, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

If this is a 2015 MacBook, then presumably you’re using Monterey, or were you able to update the system to Ventura?

There are still reports of crashing on Monterey Intel x86_64, but the pool of users is reducing day by day as people move to Apple Silicon chips, and support for older systems will be dropped by Apple per their 5 year support plan, which will inevitably have a knock-on effect on LibreOffice. In other words, the bug you are experiencing may never get fixed. This is the unfortunate reality of trying to provide support on macOS.

no, not a MacBook. It’s an Asus Zenbook laptop.

Your’s is a different question to the original.
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Forgive me for not quite following, but why are you commenting on a macOS crashing problem? The initial title relates to crashing on macOS and not WindowsOS.

I’m so sorry, I do not know where else to get any help, and did not realize the information was only for the macbook!! I realize this is easy for you guys, but not for all of us :frowning: Finding any help on anything without dropping the laptop off to a ‘computer guy’ and giving him $100 is usually difficult. And it is hard to understand why libre office works for a couple of years and then doesn’t. I’m sorry to be any inconvenience!!

It isn’t a question of being easy or hard, but please create a new topic thread for discussion of your problem so that we can try and focus on the specifics of that, rather than confusing this particular topic.