Libre Office - Match unique Identifier and Compare

In my spread sheet I have about 10k records. I have 4 Columns pasted on the sheet from one DB. And I have 4 columns posted on the sheet from a different DB. Here is what I want to do.

I want to take all the listing ID’s from one DB and compare them to the other DB and find which is missing. I was able to to this with the vlookup… However now I am trying to match IDS and compare prices.

For example

Data Base 1 Column - ID Column Price
Data Base 2 Column - ID Column Price

I want to take each value from Database 1 compare to see if there is a match in DB2 by ID and then see if the prices are the same. If they are the same ouput the value if they are not output “wrong price” Data Base 2 is the Truth data…

You may try something like shown in this example document. Solutions with rather simple clear formulas and needing a few helper columns should be preferred in such a case.
In fact I dont exactly understand the described design. What should be done in cases where a match with the second source is missing?

I sent you an updated file

So here is what I am trying to do:

There are two sets of Data that I am comparing:

One is the Test Data and one is the Truth Data.

Column E
The first thing that I need to do is compare the IDS from the Test Data to the Truth Data. This will tell me if there is data in the Test Data that is not in the truth Data. - If this is True than ouput Purge - This looks to be working.

The Second thing that I need to do is compare to see if the prices for each match between the two data sets. If the prices are the same output the price if not than output wrong price… This looks to be working

Now here is where I need help:

  1. I now need to compare the Truth data to the Test Data to see if there are IDS present in the truth data which are not in the test data… If there IDS without a match output missing.
  2. Than I need to compare the status from the Truth Data to that of the Test Data. If they do not match than output wrong Status.

Thank I need to count each result:
Number of items that need to be purged
Number of items that have wrong price
Number of items that are missing
Number of items that have wrong statusTest.ods

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