Libre office Menu accelerator keys not working

Dear Sir,

I have used Ubuntu Os for 13.04 version and also i have used for libre office version, i will try to open the file menu in accelerator key of Alt+F, Alt+E, Alt+, etc, … key not working.

Kindly help how i will activate my Menus accelerator keys in libre office.

It happen to me as well. This is already confirmed as a bug.

I do try LO under other linux environment (using gnome and KDE), there is no problem in keyboard shortcut.

This bug is in Ubuntu Unity.

To solve the problem, I change the desktop environment from unity to gnome-shell, login using GNOME, and the problem solved.

Thanks for providing a workaround. I have no issue here either under various GNU/Linux flavours. I must say, given the 13.04+Unity+(possible PPA) combo I was unsurprised at this bug. In a few years the demise of Ubuntu will be complete and we will no longer need to worry about these issues.

@Paijo has already confirmed it is Ubuntu bug LP#739184. Related LO bug is fdo#57104, which has been closed as NOTOURBUG. Also refer this question, which appears to be the same but for Ubuntu 12.04.

These are not shortcuts and I have edited your question to be more accurate in this respect. These are menu accelerator keys i.e., the underscored values of the text menu entries, thus the “F” of “File”, the “E” of “Edit”, etc. They are a way of using the keyboard to mimic mouse clicks. Same number of keystrokes required as mouse clicks, thus not a shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts are defined under Tools > Customise… > Keyboard tab. These are a shorthand way of accessing a function that would normally take more mouse clicks when going via the menu. This is why they are called a “shortcut”.