Libreoffice Zebra GK420t Can not set the correct page settings #writer

My config : Linux Mint 20, Cups 2.3.1, LibreOfffice
In format/Page style/Page I can not set the correct page settings.
When I try it (7.6 cm x 3.8 cm, without margins) the orientation changed to landscape.
I can not set lower value to height.
I tried it with older version, and Openoffice, it worked well.
What can I do? (I don’t want to change into Openoffice, just tried.)

Did you really set margins to 0?

Yes, but it’s not affected the problem itself.

In source/tabpages/page.cxx I found this:

bool bOrientationSupport =
    mpDefPrinter->HasSupport( PrinterSupport::SetOrientation );

if ( !bOrientationSupport &&
     aPaperSize.Width() > aPaperSize.Height() )
    bLandscape = true;

Works in

Orientation is set to landscape because width is bigger than height but this is only a “reminder” from Writer engine; has no effect on result. If you click Portrait, paper size is changed to 3.8cm×7.6cm as expected.

Orientation is computed from paper aspect but has no importance by itself.

The paper size (portrait) is 7.6 cm x 3.8 cm. It’s a problem. I can not set the correct paper size.

Was changed with LO 6.0

  • Page dialog: page orientation automatically adjusts based on manual input tdf#106890 (Heiko Tietze)

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Thanks a lot. My users can’t print to the label printer with LO >6.0 :(.