LibreOffice 6 Writer: white lines on images

My OS is Linux - I was using Kubuntu 17.10.1, a week ago I installed KDE neon (User Edition). This problem happened when I upgraded to LibreOffice v6 on Kubuntu and still exists on Neon. There are thin white horizontal lines on every image I put in Writer documents, but only when the image Anchor is set to “As Character”. Very rarely some of the lines disappear, but 99% of the time they exist. With LibreOffice v5 everything was fine.


This problem was described for different OS’s (Windows as well as Linux) also in a German LO forum: read this

Screenshot there:

It is only a problem of display; if exported as PDF or if printed out the white lines don’t appear.

This is true for most images, yes, but I’ve now identified 2 persistent problems that are not resolved by the posted solutions.

  1. The image is actually it’s VISUAL size, while the bounding box is artificially “expanded” by this white line, making it hard to properly align with other objects.
  2. If the image is a background, the white line persists when printed or PDF exported.

Do the lines print from LibreOffice Safe Mode (Help > Restart in safe mode > Continue in safe mode) ? See LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki

Ttry turning off OpenGL or Skia depending on LO version in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and unticking Enable [OpenGL/Skia] for all rendering (similar to Answer below but more targeted)

You should disable graphics acceleration

  • Tools > Options > View > Graphics Output > uncheck “Use hardware acceleration”

more infos: white stripes on screen - #2 by JoKalliauer