Libreoffice Base Mac JDK issues

From what I can tell when I get the "
The connection to the external data source could not be established. No SDBC driver was found for the URL ‘sdbc:embedded:firebird’." it should mean that I need to download the JDK Java and go to my preferences > Advanced > check the box and highlight my JDK. However, when I downloaded the JDK, went to this preference, the checkbox for “Use a java runtime environment” is greyed out. I literally have no idea what to do anymore and could use any help.

Background => just downloaded on a MacBook. Should have the more recent LibreOffice and tried downloading the most recent JDK from oracles website. Not sure what other information would be needed. So ask and I shall provide.


Have a look at here.

I’ve looked at that post a few times, I guess I missed that hidden in the FAQ that LibreOffice Downloaded from the Apple App Store does not included Java support. So if you downloaded from there, you have to uninstall and download from the website.

Just to save any onlookers time.