LibreOffice Basic

Is there any central resource for knowing which arguments can be passed into certain methods using LibreOffice Basic? There are plenty of resources for and VBA scripts. However, I can’t seem to find any such resource for LibreOffice Basic.

I was trying to edit a macro recording for deleting rows and columns. However, there’s no intellisense built into the macro editor in Calc (like there is for Visual Studio Code) to guide me. Below is an example from my simple recording showing just the DeleteColumns method. I also have another one for DeleteRows.

dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:DeleteColumns", "", 0, Array())

What goes where? What do the comma separated arguments represent? I don’t only want an answer to this question, I also want to know where I can go to get information like this moving forward so I can help myself.


Two items to help. First is the publication by Andrew Pitonyak - Open Office Macros Explained. Get the PDF here → OOME. See Chapter 11 - The Dispatcher about page 261.

For other necessary information, please see answer by @Lupp in this post → I need documentation of oDispatcher.executeDispatch

Oh awesome! Thank you for the resources. That is a beautifully large PDF (gives me a lot to snack on). I had also missed this in my initial search for this information. Thank you again!


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I read every page of this text book and did every sample code.

Please try.