LibreOffice blurry, fuzzy text throughout entire app, all contexts

Saw a number of articles on the subject. Most describe specific contexts where the text is blurry – in Writer, when selecting texts, degrading over time. I’m on version for MacBook with a retina display. Mac OS 10.9.5. The text quality for all fonts in all context is not just pre-retina quality, it’s Classic Mac quality (i.e. 1980s). You can count the pixels on your fingers. Everything from the text you write to the window title bars, the menu options, in Writer, Spreadsheets, database. Any ideas? Thinking of downgrading. It worked fine on the previous version.

Try this: Tools → Options → View → uncheck “Use OpenGL for all rendering” → restart LibreOffice
It worked for me

Doesn’t work. I’m on 10.11.6 (15G31) and use LO 5.2.4.
The answers provided here also don’t work: