Libreoffice command line convert docx to pdf , The character line spacing has changed

soffice --convert-to pdf:writer_pdf_Export

When I used the command to convert docx to PDF, the final PDF result did not meet my expectations. The line spacing of the PDF was significantly smaller than that of docx, resulting in more text per page in the PDF than in docx. The final number of pages in docx was not equal to the number of pages in the PDF. My goal was to completely convert docx to PDF. Is there any way to achieve this?

In which application do you check the look of the DOCX? Is that Writer, or is it MS Word?

MS Word


So - did you try to open that file in Writer? I would assume it would be interesting to check how the foreign format file is imported into the program used for conversion.

And of course, one would then file a bug report with the problematic DOCX attached…

When I open it on Mac, the effect is the same as MS Word, but when I convert it to PDF through a command on my Linux (ubuntu) machine, the result is different from doc

Open it also on Ubuntu in the GUI.
Does your Ubuntu have the same fonts installed? Identical versions of LibreOffice?

Sorry, my ubuntu system does not have a GUI interface
The version of libreoffice that I installed on Ubuntu is LibreOffice 40 (Build: 2). When I installed the same version of libreoffice on my Mac, opening docx met expectations. I have copied winFonts and Fonts on my MacOS to/user/share/fonts on my ubuntu system, but it does not work

I am sending you the original docx. Can you use the office command to convert it and see if the number of pages before and after the conversion is the same?

bbb.doc (49.0 KB)

Since font SimSun is not installed on my Fedora box, opening the file is pointless. I noticed however I have a different number of lines in the first page. Looking carefully at your screenshots, I feel the paper format is not the same in MS Word and PDF. The ratio of height to width seems to be smaller in Word than in PDF. Assuming the latter is A4, would the former be some US format, like US Letter? (or US Legal vs. A4 respectively)

I think the page size is A4, but the distance between lines seems to have been lost when converting to PDF, resulting in different lines of text on pages of the same size.

I have same issue while using LibreOffice to convert word document to pdf on docker.
I fix this issue with converting docx not doc.
It seems like there is an compatibility issue on older version of word document.
Note that saving doc document to docx document with Microsoft office, text display differently.

Please file this as a bug report. Thanks.