Libreoffice crash on startup on Win 10

Seem similar to LibreOffice instable sous Windows 11

Every time I try to start libreoffice it crashes when the progress bar on the splash at about 50% (difficult to say). On the Windows application log I get error 0xc0000409 on ucrtbase.dll.

In safe mode, still crashes. Removed the profile directory from AppData, still crashes (we have network domain profiles, could it be an issue?). Installed the latest VC2019 redistributable (I think that’s where urcrtbase.dll comes from) but the crash persists. Even did a manual Windows update… (the machine was freshly restored, too)

Libreoffice 6 works fine, by the way. Any idea on how to proceed?

If “restored” means “used an OS method to recover to last good configuration after some serious failure”, then I’d think that the wisest is to expect all kinds of strange things after such a procedure; and format and reinstall the OS from scratch to really restore to a good state. Just my past experience with Windows system restore process (could improve over time after I tried it, who knows…).

Restore as in boot windows in recovery and do a full factory reset without keeping user data… AFAIK is the same as a fresh install (the machine had… dubious processes running so better safe than sorry)