LibreOffice Draw Crash attempting to change the default font

LibreOffice Draw crashes upon attempting to modify the default font.
Pressing F11 to bring up the styles menu, then opening the “Text” drop down carrot. Then I right click to bring up the pop-up menu on “Text A0” and upon selecting “Modify”, Draw crashes and immediately brings up a recovery window for the Untitled document.
This issue can be reproduced at will. After attempting various modifications on both text and graphics it has never been successful. Doesn’t matter whether you have a document loaded or just opened Draw without loading a document.

Running Ubuntu 20.04
LibreOffice Version:

Any help would be much appreciated as changing the font and font size for every text box added to a multiple page PDF document is cumbersome at best.
Thank you.


you are on Ubuntu 20.04 LibreOffice Version: - hence check the following questions

which seem to be completely unrelated but share the same solution.