LibreOffice Draw Programing in Basic


I am trying to make a Visio like chart in Draw.
Any code source examples of how to add a box, arrow and such?

Thank you

Danny’s Draw PowerTools.odg (88.5 KB)

Thank you!

A more abstract hint:
You will need lots of arguments (parameter values) probably, and actually simple the passing of arguments is only when done for Calc functions. Therefore I did roughly related things in a few cases without any dialogs or lots of buttons/toolbarareas or the like, but by UDF functions in Calc called from cell formulas passing a cell range (under VBAsupport) or its data. The insertion of a shape into a sheet’s DrawPage isn’t restricted by the recalculation automatisms. If you want you can also create and control a Draw model by code from Calc, and place/manipulate your shapes there.

Got it, Thanks.