LibreOffice Draw, save .otg with text boxes of the form

I’ve got done form with text boxes. I would like to save it as .otg so everytime I re open .otg I can work on these text boxes once again, but when I save it and I reopen the file they all disappear and I cannot work on these text boxes anymore

I didn’t save my work yet cause if I do I will lose all my form text boxes, so I am asking for solution how to save file that I will work on this form again after saving and reopening it later.

Want to save as ODF Drawing or ODF Drawing Template.
LibreOffice version: (x64) / Windows 10 Build 19045

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What does your screenshot want to tell us?

Create a fillable form in Writer

Empty text boxes evaporate by themselves; they need to have some content, even just a stop.

For a form I would use Writer rather than a drawing program. It has the capability to create proper forms

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An empty Draw TextBox actually vanishes as soon as you select something else. It doesn’t wait for a Save/Reload. This way you also never have more than one empty TextBox of the kind.
It’s very different with FormControl TextBox objects - and that’s what the questioner seems to have in mind as he wrote and as if interpret the toolbar right in his screenshot correctly.
(I have no clue cocerning the issue. Tried with V7.4.3.2. Worked without a flaw either with .odg or .otg.)