LibreOffice Fresh custom installation

As subject, would you please advise if i could only install a part of components of libreoffice (i.e. draw)? If yes, please help teach me how to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance!

As far as I am aware it is no longer possible to install individual components of the main parts of LibreOffice (e.g. Writer, Calc, etc.). It used to be possible to do this years ago but that facility has for quite some time now been removed. I think the reasoning behind this is that LO is highly integrated and works through core components, which must be installed, and which all the other components use to operate. The core components take up a fair amount of room on the hard-drive. The other components Writer, Draw etc. do not take up much room on the hard-drive so there is no real loss in just installing all of them all.

For install instructions see this webpage: How to Install LibreOffice

Please note that to get offline Help you will need to install the appropriate language Help File to your system and the version of that Help File must be the same as the version of LibreOffice that you installed. The instructions on how to do this are at the bottom of the page of the above given link.

As you seem new to LO you might find the following books helpful:

(1) LibreOffice 5.1 Getting Started

(2) Designing with LibreOffice

You might also find the following forum useful:

Apache OpenOffice Forum
That forum has a more traditional forum interface that you might find easier to use than this Ask LibreOffice forum. Although the forum is an OpenOffice forum they are quite happy to deal with LibreOffice problems too - there are lots of folks that use that forum that also use LibreOffice.

Actually, when it was “possible”, in fact everything was still installed, except for stubs (like shortcuts, few kilobytes) that actually start the modules. So, it was decided to remove this from installer as of 4.2 (see LibreOffice 4.2: Release Notes - The Document Foundation Wiki)