LibreOffice in Microsoft Store

Recently, I downloaded LibreOffice app from Microsoft Store. Although works ok, I can’t find a way to open documents like .docx by using LibreOffice Writer as the default app.

Any clue?

Usually there is a request while installation process, whether or not LO shall be assigned to .docx, .xlsx aso. Personally I’d never install LO through MS Store. You can get the package direct from - no need for MS Store. The way MS implements so called “Desktop Apps” and lets them act in the start menue or handels them with the new control panel is some how not worked out. Like it does not allow you to set LO as default app for .docx. But there are certainly 10 other reasons, why your way does not work and a different approach could. As @gabix wrote, read the manual for your operating system and how to fix file associations. The traditional way still works apart from default app for file type, also in W8/8.1, W10.

My laptop (Surface Pro 4) has limited space in the hard drive and thus having the LO suite from MS Store comes handy.
Also, I can’t find the Win 10 manual. Downloading and use the LO suite isn’t actually a solution for me.


Step #1: Make hidden folders visible and show protected OS files through Control Panel

Step #2: Take ownership and full permissions of the directory containing the executables

Step #3: Associate the desired file types with the executables through “Look for another app on this PC” and use the above directory to point to the LO executables.


Fine, you found one of the manuals ,-) Pls be aware that you tweaked your windows which might have unwanted side effects (perhaps with the next feature update) and also you’re using most likely an unofficial repacked app installation. But I recognise your need for optimisation concerning the (too) small ssd inside your Surface.

Read the manual for your operating system, the chapter about file associations.

Think is, when setting the default apps //for a particular file type (say .docx), LibreOffice doesn’t appear as an option…

Can you please provide me with some info (or perhaps a link) about this manual?

Not sure if something has changed since you last tried, but I just installed the official partner version of LibreOffice and it most definitely allows me to use LibreOffice as my default of .docx and .doc files.

It’s just too bad there isn’t an option in the store for the “Fresh” version as this one seems to be an older stable version (6.4). Hopefully that will update to at least v7.0 soon since 7.1 only just came out in the last week or so…

Screenshot 2021-02-13 160239.png