LibreOffice lags in a simple Document with Images


I have scannes images of documents i want to include in my Document. I did basically just imported them as a Image from File and then streteched them.

Sadly LibreOffice gets massive slowdown while scolling over them. I’m unable to edit the text thats on that Page and also I’m not able to see in which order the images are because LibreOffice cannot process the preview and then smears some of the pixels all over the document.

Each image has a resolution of 4928x6600 Pixels. Each Image is about 1MB on my Harddrive. I don’t wan’t to reduce the image quality because I will export as a PDF and I’d like to keep the fine quality.

Is there like some button where I can enable a poor_preview mode where i only see a low resolution image in edit mode but then in preview or export mode it uses the full image? Because LibreOffice has massive Problems processing thoose images. I have enough RAM and CPU

I use LibreOffice without custom Addins on a Windows 7 Machine

The Problem doesn’t get better by giving LibreOffice 2GB of RAM
I cannot give Libreoffice more because you guys just locked the textbox to a max of 2 gigs.
I have plenty of RAM I could throw at this Thing

ok i solved it
i basically turned off that he renders the images.
I dont knwo why this troubles LibreOffice so much.

I could put 1000 more images of thoose without compression in the RAM LO has available

Thank theese guys: