Libreoffice Logging Options

I am using Libre office v3.5 Java SDK API to use LO export functionalities in our application using Socket connection. We run Libre Office with following arguments in localhost.

./soffice --nofirststartwizard --headless --norestore --nologo --nodefault --nolockcheck --accept=“socket,host=localhost,port=2083;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager” &

When we run our application, Libre office gets closed frequently. We would like to check which conversions lead to the Libre office close or crash and also the possible reason.


  1. Is there any option to turn on logging(preferably debug level logging) for Libre Office?
  2. We found log files a)libreoffice\3\user\uno_packages\cache\log.txt, b)libreoffice\3\user\temp\document_io_logring.txt but it does not have much information. Is there any other log files that may give info about LO close/crash or what was happening before close/crash

Thank you very much.


./soffice --backtrace --sync

After it crashes, type bt to get a backtrace.