Libreoffice offline help not working

I upgraded to Libreoffice 5.2.4 and then installed the offline Help file. However, when selecting “Help” or pressing F1, the program still takes me to my browser.

Any suggestion?

Offline help is a separate install (just below Office install). Get from same location as LO. Make sure you are installing for same version and language.

It is essential that the help installer be of the same language as the UI actually used.
The location to which the help gets expanded should be e.g. C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\help\en-GB under Win for ‘English (UK)’. The LibreOffice 5/help/... should be always the same.
(Getting offline help for portable versions needs a bit more than calling the installer.)

Assuming you have installed the correct help file for your language do the following (I will use English UK as the example here if your language is different you will need to alter that to suit what is on your system):

  1. Go the following options settings Tools (menu) > Options > Language Settings > Languages.

  2. Look at the options in the section titled “Language Of

  3. Make sure that the “User interface” setting and the “Locale setting” are both set to the same value. So, on my system “User interface” = English (UK), “Locale setting” = English (UK) (Note that the locale setting should have been set properly when you installed LibreOffice. So really you are looking to change the “User Interface” setting to match the locale setting. On a default install of LibreOffice (English version) the “User interface” setting will be set to “English (USA)” this is what is causing the problem with the offline help - that setting needs to be “English (UK)” (or whatever else to match your locale setting).

Once you have done that click “Ok” button. Restart LibreOffice and you should then find that the offline help will work.

I have the same problem, no offline help. Vista 64 bit. Installed latest LO (, downloaded and installed offline help .MSI (64 bit) from same page. All done today, fresh install of both for first time.
All language and locale is en-US. File structure shows C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\help\en-US. Verified in LO, under languages, it is set to English-USA (tried “Default English-USA” as well). Windows Region and Language is English USA in Control panel.
Rebooted, and F1 still forces a browser to come up for online help.

What is broken??

Ok, I think I figured it out! When one goes to download LO, the DEFAULT download shows as Windows x86, followed by Linux, etc… That is what I downloaded. The “Windows 64 bit” is the last option in the list, never saw it at all. I guess their web site cannot detect if a PC is 32 or 64 bit???
Anyway, I downloaded the 32 bit offline help, and it works with my LO. It must be 32 bit. As a note, the “About Libreoffice…” under Help does NOT show how many “bits” one is running. Hence more confusion. The Help, About… should show what version of LO one is using, whether 32 or 64 bit…