LibreOffice prints blank pages

LibreOffice Writer prints blank pages. I lived with issue since version 7.0.x on Win 8.1.

I upgraded to LO 7.1.2 today hoping that it would fix it–it did not.

I can create a new document (.doc or .odt) or open an older document that would previously print…it does not matter. LibreOffice will not print anything–just spits out blank pages.

My work around for now is exporting all documents as PDFs and have Adobe Reader print the documents with no issues.

This is a very inconvenient bug.

Anyone else having this issue?

Is there a fix for this issue that I have located yet?

Did you already try to start in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode) and in case, that does not show the issue, to reset your LibreOffice User Profile?

Sounds like an operating system/ printer issue.

You haven’t mentioned your printer model, I assume you’re still on Windows 8.1. Does this HP Question and answer help? It was linked from Printer prints blank pages on windows 8.1

This is DEFINITELY a LibreOffice issue. The printer works great with my StarOffice 9.1 Writer…LibreOffice is broke! It also prints just fine with other applications. So this us not a printer problem.

So printer brand and model is still a secret?

Lexmark 2600 which is fully functional and should not matter to LibreOffice. LibreOffice does not need printer drivers like in the DOS days.

@ArDrakho (

The fact that millions of users don’t have a issue printing might have to do with the fact, that they don’t use a Lexmark 2600 printer. So asking for the printer is not equal to claim that LibreOffice needs a printer driver.

If you assume a LibreOffice issue - please tell us the result of the Safe Mode test.

And if you are sure, that it is a LibreOffce bug - why don't you simply file a [bug report](

Thanks for the info…as for safe mode, I entered safe mode–no change; deleted my user profile–no change.
So I removed LO7.1.2.2 and downgraded back LO 6–printing issue resolved. I will later reinstall LO 7 and see if the printing issue occurs again. We’ll see–thanks for the assistance!

Did you check that you had installed the two kb patches linked in my comment? Also static IP address. Although linked from HP, it was Windows 8.1 fixes that were addressed. The symptoms were printing blank pages from only some programs, in that case Word and Reader.

Yep. This is why I’m here. This is the second time this printing error has happened–under version 7 the first time. I have version this time. I have no idea why it “corrected” itself before (in v7), but the problem is back again. I also have to export to PDF in order to print. Very frustrating. Very inconvenient.

I have tried shutting down and restarting the computer and printer; and stopping and starting the SPOOLER/PRINT SPOOLER under Task Manager/Services. None of this fixed the problem.

I’m running Windows 10 (not upgradable to 11) on a Dell desktop, and using an HP4630 printer. My documents were printing fine until yesterday.

Make sure that you have selected the correct printer in the Print dialogue. I always remove the fax printer from the printer list because every now and then it gets selected by accident. Also, unless you like your default printer changing for random reasons, always turn off Let Windows manage my printer and select the printer that you want to be default to be the default

I would be inclined to try the Tools and diagnostics button on the HP site for your printer,

Well, I uninstalled LO and reinstalled LO and LO now prints again.

Something in LO 7 causes LO to print blank pages. Definitely a bug…

For those who experience this bug should downgrade back to LO 6 to get printing back.

So you have proven that it is a bug in LO7. As suggested by @anon73440385, please file a bug report, otherwise this “very inconvenient” bug might still be there when you re-install LO7.

I’m using version (I have had version 24.2 for a couple months) and it was printing fine until yesterday. I have no idea what suddenly changed, but I did have this problem with version 7 for a short time–I have no idea why the problem went away that first time in version 7. But version 24.2 was printing just fine.

When this happens, most of the time the Print Range window is reduced to a single cell…then when Print / Print Preview / PDF Export is selected it appears as if the page is blank.

…actually, the Print / Print Preview / PDF Export is displaying the empty cell that is selected.

To correct, select View\PrintRange … then drag the box that defines the print range to enclose the data that should be visible … and try again.

Also, the Sheet\Reset doesn’t seem to correct the issue…

And, it seems to be triggered when the print to single page is configured…