LibreOffice thinks these documents are corrupted, I think they're not. What's wrong?

I’ve got two programatically constructed ods files; LibreOffice thinks both of them are corrupted and I can’t figure out why. One of them can be recovered and one can’t; the one that can’t is Zip64.

This guy’s claiming that Zip64 is supported by the spec:



The heart of this question turned out to be Zip64 should work but doesn’t due to a bug. See comments.

You could file an issue regarding missing Zip64 support (being part of Zip APPNOTE Version 6.2.0 which is referenced in the ODF standards).

@MikeKaganski: Bug filed.

FTR: tdf#128244

Test if the file is conformant with odf in ODF Validator
for me doesn’t pass the validation.

So maybe claim to those who claim it’s valid, witch validation they use to test, to verify yourself.

Well that won’t do any good for the Zip64 one but it will for the other.