LibreOffice UI customization

Just want to ask if LibreOffice(LO) has a UI customization file, like Firefox’s chrome directory, with userChrome.css & userContent.css. Yes I know LO is not HTML-based, but if any UI framework can be open to users for customization? No matter php, java(or JS), python … or even internal functions, like Visual Studio Code f.i.)

PS: I am using macOS. LibreOffice

Hereby some examples I would like to change:
(PS: I am using iconTheme: Colibre with UI variants:Groupedbar Compact)

  1. The side listing numbering are too big and too wide, frame line too dark;
  2. Menu text too big;
  3. Calculation bar (Σ =): the border lines are too outstanding;
  4. Could we make different color/grey level for menu area vs. working sheet area?

BTW: I am using LO replacing ms.Office in macOS. Really appreciate the UI design for macOS could up-to other macOS app same nice looking. If LO team missing macOS stuff, why not just open the UI framework, let enthusiast like me to customize and late share to the community as well.

:slight_smile: The “UI framework” is open - it’s FLOSS :wink:
Just it’s not created user-customizable; so it “just” needs a full rewrite from scratch to provide what you need :wink:

As discussed on the IRC, it’s best to create bug reports / enhancement requests for the macOS shortcomings. Yes, we need more macOS expert devs. We welcome anyone to contribute!

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I would like to submit there, but don’t want to disclose my e-mail address.

It’s up to you. The email is visible to anyone who is registered to the bug tracker. It is not shown to unregistered viewers, but indeed, it’s not a bullet-proof defence.

You could use a dedicated email.

Anyway, you must use an email, if you file anything. Because filing a bug report is just a start. One should not think like “Wow I reported / suggested something to them; I’m a hero, and now it’s their problem”. People may have questions to you; they need your feedback like clarifications, or maybe if some alternative solution suits you; they may need to ask if the implemented fix works for you. If a hypothetical Bugzilla issue has no way to contact the OP, it is basically useless.

Be aware that if you do decide to provide a new UI toolkit binding for LO macOS, you will be expected to justify why this toolkit is either necessary or appropriate and be prepared to maintain the code accordingly.

Someone recently offered to propose a Swift UI implementation for LO, and unfortunately, that offer didn’t meet with the greatest of enthusiasm from the ESC (Engineering Steering Committee).

My take from that is that not only should you be prepared to do the initial work, but you also need to convince the people who are wardens for the code base and most often involved in curating the code, that what you want to do is a sustainably good thing for the LO project as a whole.