LibreOffice V7.2.2 compatible with OS 10.12, Monterey?

Is the latest version of LIbreOffice, V7.2.2 for Macs, compatible with Monterey, OS 10.12?

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Although not addressing your question, there was a related post Intention to raise minimum required macOS version that might be of interest to you and asking for input.
BTW that post says 10.12 was Sierra, Big Sur was 11, maybe Monterey is just 12?

I am already using V7.2.2.2 on both of my Macs. One of them is running Catalina (V10.15.7), and the other is running Big Sur (V11.6.1). Most of my critical applications are already compatible with Monterey, but I want to insure hat LibreOffice is compatible also. As it is, I don’t plan on moving to Monterey until V12.2 arrives, as typically the first 2 releases contain bugs. By the time V.2 arrives, the OS is rather stable at that point.

Monterey is V12.x. V12.0 was released last week, and V12.1 is in beta testing. As it is, LibreOffice is definitely compatible with the latest version of Big Sur, V11.7.

If it is not compatible now, it will be asap. We have several core developers and volunteers with Macs and this is something TDF sponsors from time to time.

Btw. the quickest way to check macOS version history is macOS - Wikipedia

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That’s what I expect. As it is, and as I mentioned above, I do not plan on moving from Big Sur to Monterey until V12.2 of Monterey is released. That will, most likely, be in another 4 to 6 weeks. Hopefully LibreOffice will be compatible by then.

OK, an update. I went ahead and installed the latest version of Monterey, V12.0.1, on an external partition, and migrated all my files, folders, etc. from my “main” volume, and that of course included V7.2.2.2 of LibreOffice. Well, I “played” with it some, and so far, it seems fine.

I’ll do more testing (including some other applications).

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OK, have been using LIbreOffice some more with the latest version of Monterey (V12.0.1), and so far, all is well. Have not encountered any issues.

OK, V7.2.2.2 of Libre Office is still working fine with the latest version of Monterey (V12.0.1). Wondering, though, if an update is coming for definitive OS 12 compatibility. V12.1 should be arriving soon.

Hi all, considering to buy a new Macbook with M2 processor and MacOS Monterey - can you confirm that the most recent versions of Libreoffice would work with the Mac hard- and software?

Seems so: Base - problem running on Mac - can't see Java - #13 by incus43

Yes it will work. But you are a number of versions of LIbreOffice behind. The most current version is V7.3.5.2, and I am using that version, with Monterey V12.5.1, on both of my Macs. The most recent version of Monterey, V12.5.1, fixes some critical security flaws, so you should upgrade to that version also.

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Thank you, Akent!