Base - problem running on Mac - can't see Java

Trying to run Base (LO on Mac Air (M1 chip, Monterey 12.5 os) and creating my own database.
However in trying to create, I got error message that ‘no java installation can be found’ and ‘connection to the data source New database could not be established’. I then installed Java, but no difference. I see that under preferences-advanced there is ability to add a ‘Java runtime environment’. But I cannot find the folder or file for this anywhere on my Mac to add it.

I have looked online in vain for an answer to this. Can anyone help?

Try this: FAQ Install Java. Wonder how I have to search for it, because it isn’t linked to LO homepage

Thanks. I did come across that earlier. For Mac it says I need JDK not JRE but in the link you can only select x84 or ARM chips. No Applie. So doesnt look right. Other info elsewhere says there is no way you can run Base on Apple Mac which has their own Silicon chips - which seems implausible

You could also use Firebird instead of HSQLDB. Firebird won’t need Java for the database. But wizards and the ReportBuilder won’t work without Java.

Sorry, non expert here, how do I get it to use Firebird (and what is that)? I can probably manage without report builder altho the wizards would make things simpler. Otherwise will have to give up on LO

Open LO → Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Advanced and set experimental Features on.

Restart LO and start Base Database → Create a new Database. There will be shown Firebird embedded and HSQLDB embedded. Choose Firebird embedded. This will work without the wizards.

But: Java should also work. See

From Wikipedia quoted and translated:

Apple M1 is the first Arm-based System-on-a-Chip by Apple

So try the ARM-version vor the new M1-chip, x64 for older Mac with Intel-CPU (out there are also some PowerPC and maybe remaining Motorola? 680x0 …)
Update/attention: In the link given by @RobertG the problem is solved by using an Intel-Version. May be due to a compatibility-layer by apple. May also depend, if LO is an “old” Intel binary or compiled for Arm itself.
Hint: Apple didn’t invent a complete CPU from scratch, they designed a specialized Version optimized for their needs based on the general ARM-design.

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Try to google Firebird database.
A Version is included in LibreOffice.
When you create a new database an embedded HSQLDB is the default, but check for the list of options below. (In some Versions of LO Firebird was the default, in others you have to activate experimental features before you can use/see it.
I would NOT recommend using Firebird with your knowledge try to fix java as noted above.

Amended the FAQ to mention this - everyone is welcome to improve it (a hint! :wink:)

Obviously not always easy, but this version:

macOS 12.1 on MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Max
Oracle JDK for macOS ARM (not the Intel version), Version 17.0.1

was noted as working on January, 16th 2022 here:

Thank you. Didnt work for me sadly.
Just uninstalled Java and installed the MAC OS ARM64 JDK version. Base at least now sees there is a Java runtime environment but reports it is ‘defective’.

Next will be to try uninstalling LO for Mac and installing the Intel version as per this suggestion.

Update - this failed also, using JDK 18 and 17 for Mac OS ARM64.
Base could not see the runtime environment and all attempts to get Preferences - Advanced to see any part of the Java folders failed

I’m pretty sure you can’t mix versions succesfully. So this is expected:

If you use LibreOffice -x64, the try also java for Intel/x64.
But as you already found a successful combination I would stay with this…


  1. Downloaded LO 7.3.5 for Mac OS (apple Silicon) (I was previously using the version as had read it was likely to be more robust/stable)

  2. Downloaded JDK 18 for ARM 64 - direct from Oracle

  3. Opened LibreOffice
    Base loaded and recognised the Java environment and allowed me to create a database. So far so good

Thanks for all the suggestions. Hope this is helpful to others