LibreOffice Writer alternating page styles (Page Break Portrait then Landscape)


I’m using LibreOffice Writer version (x64) on Windows 10 version 1803. I’m trying to create a document which switched the page orientation between portrait and landscape. In my testing, I’ve created page 1 in “Default”. Then inserted a normal “Page Break”, edited that break and checked “With page style:” Landscape. I alternated this for 4 pages.

(See attachment as an example.) Portrait Landscape.odt

When I click File / Print Preview. Things look good. The page orientation is as expected.

Thank you in advance for taking a look, and if you have any suggestions those would be appreciated.
When I click File / Print, and use the page navigation (1/4) and advance or go back through the pages I find that only the first two pages understand the correct orientation and the remaining pages are showing up as Landscape.

Ultimately this is my problem. I’m wanting to print this document as a PDF. But the PDF’s are appearing without the correct page orientation.

I’d like to know if this is something which I’m doing wrong? Or if I can work around this issue so that I can have a document which uses a few different page styles in the same document.

There may be a bug in the print interface because I experience the same bad behaviour under Linux (Fedora 28) and LO I let you file a bug report here.

However, if your goal is to ultimately create a PDF file, use File>Export as>Export as PDF. It works as expected.

Nota: if you want to systematically alternate between 2 page styles, it is more elegant to change the Next style entry of the Organizer tab in the page style dialog. This way, you just insert a page break, without bothering to set the target page style each time you jump to a new page.

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Exporting the file as PDF has helped me get around this bug. It’s apparent that this bug still exists, but this work around was an acceptable solution this time. Thank you Ajlittoz for providing the answer.

you’re welcome