LibreOffice Writer.Windows Vista.Damaged Files.

I have Writer v3.4.4 - OS is Vista. Writer works very well except one problem on startup, when list of files is displayed as requiring ‘document recovery’. Clicking on ‘recover’ recovers some but a slowly increasing core ( now 8 files) of files cannot apparently be recovered and reappear every time Writer is restarted.These are mostly .doc files but there are others eg one .xlsx file. Have used Windows Explorer to try to find and delete the problem files but system can’t find them. I had exactly the same problem (never resolved despite much trying) with OpenOffice before I upgraded to LibreOffice. Writer can still be used but startup procedure is messy because of this problem. Any ideas please on how to get rid of these phantom files ?


Maybe helpful: → Message: Recovery Failed.

BTW: LibreOffice 3.4.4 is an outdated version; you may upgrade to version 3.6.5 or 4.0.0.

Just click cancel in the recovery dialog and make sure to anwer yes if it asks if you really really want to abandon these files. Easy as that.