Line axial gradient

I would like to draw a multi-segment line (open polygon) with an axial gradient, to draw something that looks like a 3-D pipeline. Unfortunately, a line cannot have a fill or gradient and combining multiple rectangles is complex and does not give the effect I’m looking for. Is there a way to do this?

I would like to add a jpg for illustration, but I get the message that >3 points are required to upload files. So no picture.

Using Firefox on Windows 8.1

Why not draw a 3-D pipeline directly? Draw a polygon with line-width 0. Convert it to 3D. Now set the line width to 0,2cm and choose a line color. Set the filling to none. Open the 3D-Effect dialog and set the depth to 0cm. Click OK. pipeline.odg

Very neat. Thanks very much for pointing this out, it’s a great help.