link cell background colour

I’m happy with linking cell contents dynamically between sheets and books.

However, how can I make the background colour link across with the text?

I can’t see anything in the functions to do this.

However, how can I make the background colour copy across with the text?

Not at all and linking to cell’s content is a different thing than copying content, which only can be done by user code (i.e. macros).


as per my comment: You can’t link to the background color of another cell, which is a property of a cell and not a cell content.

What’s called “linking” in the question I assume to be a formula like =G25 only referencing a single cell.
Such formulas pull the content or the formula result from the referenced cell.
(Only in special cases such formulas also pull the NumberFormat.)

Now explicitly ignoring direct formatting:

This is not an answer to the original question. It should help any member of the community coming to the thread with information around the topic and with a user function helping in different but somehow similar cases.

A formula generally can’t apply any arbitrary attribute to its cell, but it can apply a named CellStyle with the help of the STYLE() function. That’s a special function only made for the mentioned side-effect, and always returning the numeric result 0. This construct causes some complication if a formula returning a text shall use it. If the result-type is unknown at design-time, it’s even more complicated.

The fundamental problem with using STYLE() for what the questioner wants to achieve is, however, that there is no standard function returning the name of the CellStyle assigned to referenced cell,
This is a problem solvable with the help of a user function now.
See attachment: ask315644PullCellStyle_1.ods

Again: A similar solution can’t be created for attributes applied by direct formatting.