Link to other files

When I open a spreadsheet (XLS-format), I get the message “This file contains link to other files. Should they be updated?”. Issue is there shouldn’t be any links, so how to find why Calc thinks there is one?

I have just moved from Office2000 to LibreOffice, looks good so far.

Save as ODS format instead of XLS. Then go to Edit → Links, as suggested at ubuntu - LibreOffice Calc prompting to update "links to other files". Why? - Super User.

A typical file link in Calc looks like ='file:///path/to/spreadsheet.ods'#$Sheet1.A1, so it may also work to go to Edit → Find and search for #.

A similar question is The file contains links to other files. Whether to update the links?.

Saving as ODS helped, searching for # or file didn’t help - had already tried that.

Glad to hear it worked. Regarding “had already tried that” - it would have been better to include that information in the question. See guidelines for asking.