Linux access to Windows server no lock files

My LibreOffice woes continue regarding access to a Windows 2012 server (via DFS) from Linux Mint 16. In addition to the problems appending to a text file on the server (Calc BASIC can’t append to network text file from Linux), now we are noting that sometimes a Calc document will be opened from a Linux machine and it will not create a .~lock. file, so another user can open the file thinking he has exclusive access and make changes, save and quit, but those changes will be lost if the original user then saves his changes. We are using the default Samba settings, and accessing the server through smb:// Is the problem with Samba? LO? Is there another way to access our Windows server that I could try other than Samba?

Maybe this is beyond the scope of this forum, but if anyone has some pointers or suggestions, I would be very appreciative.

We found a work-around to this problem in the answer from oweng found here:

Specifically the code line that starts with “sed”, but we found we needed to prefix it with a “sudo”, like this:

sudo sed -i 's/X-GIO-NoFuse=true/#X-GIO-NoFuse=true/' /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-*

So it appears to be some sort of LO optimization that needs to be turned off to avoid this bad behavior.