List style isn't saved

Hello LibreOffice

When I edit a list style in libreoffice document my changes are not saved along with the document, next time I oepn the document my changes to that list style are gone. Changes to paragraphe or character styles are saved intact.

Version  :
Build ID : 420m0(Build:2)
OS       : Linux Mint 16

Why are you on ancient LO and LM (based on Ubuntu 13.10) that died long time ago ?

@rautamiekka still present in libreoffice 6.1, what is your version and can you confirm the bug isn’t reproducible in your version ?

This was answered by ajilittoz in another question.

The style that is applied with the numbering toolbar isn’t saved. One must use a propre paragraphe style, link it with a list style, and when styling the list style one shouldn’t use the Numbering Style tab but rather the Position and Customize tab.

Particularly, one should choose a proper Character Style in the Customize tab. The default one doesn’t display anything. Default paragraph font works well.

Demo showcasing this feature.