LO crashes when adding a field to a Writer document

Open writer
Insert Field - More Fields, Writer then crashes.
This in a WIN10 environment with the UK as the locale.
I am trying to do a mail merge and need some fields that this will give me access to. This all came about because I want to create labels where any blank field is suppressed (largely a cosmetic thing). I found a video in French giving details of how to do this by adding a Hidden Paragraph field. This functionality works in LO 5.0.302 on a Linux Mint machine but I have not tested previous versions on my WIN 10 machine. I am not aware of anything I can send to support this query, maybe there is a log file somewhere?

You can download older LibreOffice versions from the archive.

First try with the next higher version, if the error still exists.

Otherwise, you can test the specified older version.

If it does not help, you can give Bugzilla an error message. For the entry in Bugzilla, describe your procedure exactly and add a sample file with which the error can be reconstructed. Please post the link to your Bugzilla error message here, thank you.

I found bug tdf#116722 where the solution was to reset the LO profile.

See this tutorial on resetting the profile on AskLO.

Thank you, although not exactly bug tdf#116722 I decided to reset my LO profile and that has fixed the issue. It was easy to do after looking at the tutorial. It was not the sort of problem that I imagined the LO profile would affect but that is software for you!