LO borked install? (closed)

Been using LO for years. Had 5.4.7 on for a long time on this Win 7 PC, upgraded to 22nd Jan '19. All was fine.

Upgraded to This ran normally until time cam to install files in destination dir (so done all checks and removed old programs).

Insufficient permissions… ?? OK, repeat from Admin shell. same fault. Alas LO has been removed; cannot fall back to 6.1.4.

Reboots, no joy with install. Look at target dir and permissions for creator/installer gone. Why? What did that installer do exactly??

:frowning: Manually reset permissions on dir structure, reboot, install goes fine. Zotero now borked (another story; why can’t these things all just work??)

OK fought through that; Z now working but “odd / no icons”.

So. Given 6.1.4 was up and working then had a standard 6.1.5 install, why did this thing fail?? No other programs being changed at same time.

See this FAQ.

Hi Mike,

Taking the Windows error message literally and addressing that fixed the problem. How (is?) that done by the suggestions in the FAQ?

No matter, I’ll mark this one fixed.