LO keeps changing styles

I have a great number of frames in a document and some user-made custom styles for the text within. When I reopen the document, the first lines have changed their style into the default (Frame contents).

I have tried all the tricks I could find here or on the net (set frame styles to no automatic update, set autoformat setting to no automatic update for styles etc.), but the problem goes nowhere.

Is there something I could do in order to stop this behavior? It is a major PITA.


I have the versions of LO and the very latest version of Win 10 64 bit.

Here is a truncated version of the odt-file I have problems with: Example.odt

I defined the frame text styles from scratch AFAIR.


OK, sorry for my slow responses but I tend to check this page at the office (for apparently an irrational reason) while the actual document is at home. Anyway…

  1. Open the document “Example.odt”

  2. Go to the page with the frame having a red line on the top.

  3. Change the paragraph style by double-clicking the yellow paragraf style.

  4. Save (stay with the odt format) and close the document.

  5. Open it again — and the red line is back.

The funny (not so funny actually) part is that the first frame used to do the same, but now it behaves. I did a lot of “trialing and erroring” with that one and it changed to default style at some point and after that the yellow has stuck there.

Yet the second frame does the same dance even if I change the style first to DEafult and then to “yellow”. Go figure.

Edit your question to provide more information: OS and LO version. If possible, attach your file or a “lorem ipsum” version of it).

LibO version? (OS?)
Could’t find a related bug report.
Did you define you custom styles for contents of TextFrames base on the predefined Frame Content or on a different paragraph style?
===Sorry. Post crossed.===

I’ll do/answer all of above ASAP. Thanks for commenting!

You are saving your writer file as an .odt file are you not?

@JyriT: thanks for the document!

Please describe in detail, step-by-step, what should one do to see the problem? E.g., “open it in Writer; put cursor to paragraph 1 on page 3; set paragraph style to X; save as DOCX; reopen; see that the style of said paragraph is Y…”

There is no frame with a red line on top here. If I change any paragraph style in the frames, save and reopen, the modification is still there. No reset.

When I open your document, I get a warning about macros. The document macros appear to be empty (only Sub Main/End Main), meaning they have no effect whatsoever on your text and its frames. But are they also empty in your original text?

@ajlittoz Then it must be something in the main program that causes this. I wonder what it might be.