LO not creating lock files on SAMBA share

When opening files with LibreOffice from a Windows PC on a SAMBA share, a lock file “.ods#” is created in the same folder as the file. On my new Mint 16 install, the lock file is in the local folder ~/.config/libreoffice which means other users cannot see my locks. Is there a way of making LO use the “.ods#”-style locking or is there some other solution?

Are you using the Gnome Virtual File System (GVFS)? If you are then the answer here, in particular the first listed bug, is probably the cause. A workaround is provided.

EDIT: Related bug tdf#56544 is now resolved for v5.0.6, v5.1.2, and v5.2.0.

Yes I had used gvfs (via Nemo) to access the SAMBA share. After reading the link I used an fstab mount to access the share and the lock file was created and everything working fine. Bug 56544 seems to be my problem.