LO Writer 6 set numbered list in TOC

How can I set numbered list in TOC? With MS Word, I could set the paragraph in numbered list to level 1/2/3…, this way the numbered list will show up in the TOC (not sure if this is the right way to do it, but it works), this seems not working with Writer, how to do this in Writer?

The simplest way to enter paragraphs in the TOC is to style them with Heading n where n is the target level.

Note that Heading n numbering is not controlled by Format>Bullets & Numbering but by Tools>Chapter Numbering. You can then decide if you want your list prefixed with the chapter number or not.

Also Heading n are set for titling (bigger font size than Text Body, bold, spacing above and below, …). The attributes need to be changed for a list “merging” with the text.

This solution assumes you have no other headings (titles) at the same level, otherwise you’ll hit a formatting conflict. The conflict may be resolved by using another level for your list (there are 10 levels and a document rarely uses all 10) and customising Tools>Chapter Numbering to eliminate higher level numbers.

If you intend to have several lists in the same sub-chapter, all restarting from 1, you’ll need to right-click in the first item and Restart Numbering.

A more elaborate solution, providing for a fully independent customised numbering format is to create a dedicated paragraph style associated with a list style defining the appearance of the counter. The paragraphs so styled can be sent to the TOC if the outline level is assigned in Ouline & Numbering tab of the paragraph style.

Warning! the list can be multi-level, as usual, with Tab key at head of list item used to change the item level. However, this level change is not forwarded to the TOC and all levels of the list end up formatted with the Contents n paragraph style, where “n” is the outline level you assigned to the list.

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@ajlittoz, thanks for your reply, sorry, I’m still lost, I’d like to put my numbered list as in this example (LO Write numbered list with leading 0?) into TOC, if I make my numbered list n as heading n, I’ll loose my list numbering. It seems to me that the trick is using Tools > chapter numbering, is there any literature explaining (preferably with examples) the meaning of each entry?

The base question is: how do you create your list? With the toolbar button or with a dedicated paragraph style? In the first case, if you apply the raw recipe by @LeroyG, you may end up with your complete document in the TOC.

The second question is: are your list items “headings” of your documents, i.e. chapter and sub-chapter titles? If they are, don’t use the list feature but the chapter numbering feature.

More explanations after your answers.

@ajlittoz, after some trail and error, I think it’s working now. To answer your questions,
1) this is what I did, created a text line, right click on the text, selected Bullets & Numbering then adjusted the indent and position according to my needs, this is for the level 1, then did similar procedure for level 2 and level 3, is this using tool bar or paragraph style? Sorry for my dumb questions. I’m used to work with Word, so the learning curve is steep (and LO is much better than Word for me).
2) I just want my list items to show up in TOC, if I use chapter, will the numbering be followed correctly?
3) a related question, if I want to add a paragraph under a listed item, with the same alignment & indent of the list item, what’s the best way? Create a new paragraph with the same alignment & indent or there’s another better way to do it?


  1. This the same as using the toolbar with the added possibility to customise. By no means paragraph styling. This is called direct formatting and invalidates automatic formatting update through styles.

  2. With chapter numbering, all the same (because chapter numbering is just another list). Take the precaution to allocate your list to a deep enough level (Heading 4 if your present “chapters” go to level 3). You can customise the number with Tools>\Chapter Numberingthe same as withBullet & Numbering` but it acts only on chapter numbering.

  3. see next comment because I fear to hit comment limit

Unnumbered list item

When you use the “normal” list formatting (toolbar or dedicated paragraph style), type as if you enter a numbered paragraph. With the cursor in first position of item, hit BackSpace: the number disappears but alignment remains the same. Magic!

You also have a button in the bottom toolbar “Add Unnumbered Item”.

The trick is imperfect with the Heading n styles. The number is removed but left indent is not kept. In this case, create a pragraph style with the same indent and alignment.

@ajlittoz, thanks so much for your patience and detailed explanation, it’s much appreciated. I don’t know what I did wrong yesterday for the unnumbered list, when I used Backspace, the cursor went to the 1st char of the page (not list), so I was lost, I expected a similar behavior as Word, but today it worked, so not sure what I did different yesterday. Thanks again for your help.