LO Writer: how to make text boxes with rounded corners?


How can the below be made in LO Writer:

image description

I know of one possibility: add a rounded rectangle and fill in the text. However, that’s not really what I want. When the text changes (longer or shorter lines) you have to adapt the box accordingly. Not very convenient…

I looking for something that adapts with the text that you type inside a rounded box, both vertically as well as horizontally (multiple lines, for instance).

Is something like the above possible in LO Writer?



Position and Size - Slant & Corner Radius (TAB)

If you want your text to be part of the flow, i.e. to automatically adapt to content and be part of the rest of the discourse, there is no solution.

Borders are straight lines drawn on the paragraph bounding box edges.

Even frames are defined as rectangular areas.

Anyway, avoid the use of text boxes when you aren’t designing a form. They will cause you more trouble than solving an aesthetic issue.

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Add the textbox to a given automatic shape, in this case a rectangle with rounded corners.

Be aware of the limitations of this method: Don’t rotate or slant the entire “combination”. Other problems are discussed in Rechteck mit Textfeld: Abstand und vertikale Ausrichtung - OpenOffice.info (German language). So be careful.

Sample file of screenshot, LO on LinuxMint 19.3-64.



At the moment the shadow shown by @GeertVc’s screenshot cannot be created as a bitmap (glowing feature); hopefully a direction function will be added to this new feature before long…

Be careful to use this feature. Rotating or slanting produced troubles. There are some bugs to find, see discussion on German forum Rechteck mit Textfeld: Abstand und vertikale Ausrichtung - OpenOffice.info

This doesn’t address the “auto-size” request.

How do you edit text once it has been added as a text box?

@ajlittoz You are right, there is no auto-size function. Recognize my proposal as a workaround.

How to edit “text once it has been added as a text box”? Click into box/text area (not: shape object).

@Grantler: suppose text begins with “Note 5:” and you want to create a “Table of notes”. I added a caption inside the text box and, to my great surprise, the table was built with expected content! I thought text box contents were outside the reach of Writer scanning devices. Apparently, they are scanned for “interesting” paragraphs.

Danke schön for making me discover something new.

@ajlittoz The textbox has the same functions like a regular frame but you cannot select it. The navigator (F5) does only show the shape and not the included frame. Let’s see which new developments future will bring…

I can certainly live with the limitations given. It’s not my intention to rotate or so the rectangle.
The fact that the shadow cannot be added as a bitmap is also a minor to me. I can add the shadow separately…
Regarding the auto-size functionality (or the lack of it…): also here it’s a small effort to rearrange the rectangle in the shape you want so that the text is fitting nicely.
To me, this is definitely an acceptable solution and hence, the green mark is given for this answer.