Localized shortcuts? (Why do I have to use strg+shift+f for bold?)


I am using the German UI. I am super confused, because I cannot use a common shortcut like
strg + b
strg + shift + b

for bold. Instead I need to use
strg + shift + f

Is this a localization issue? How do I enable international shortcuts?
Shouldn’t international shortcuts be the default?

Cf. https://help.libreoffice.org/latest/en-US/text/swriter/guide/shortcut_writing.html?DbPAR=WRITER

and https://help.libreoffice.org/latest/de/text/swriter/guide/shortcut_writing.html?DbPAR=WRITER

Also https://help.libreoffice.org/latest/en-US/text/shared/04/01010000.html#hd_id31541233 and https://help.libreoffice.org/latest/de/text/shared/04/01010000.html#hd_id31541233.

No, it seems that having a language-dependent shortcuts is a common place. See this discussion related to the same in Word.

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I still wonder how I can change to the international shortcuts while maintaining the German UI.

Newer versions of MS Word only have one set of shortcuts across languages:
[DE] Tastenkombinationen in Word

I suppose you would do that manually for each shortcut, using Customize. Possibly you might try changing some shortcuts when using English UI, and see if that “fixes” it (my idea would be that it could dump all the shortcuts to the user config, and then not use language-specific defaults - but I may be wrong).

You are welcome to suggest the unification in the bug tracker.

Thanks for hinting me at the customize dialogue. I was going crazy looking for shortcut settings in the general options.
Thanks, I will hopefully create an issue in the bug tracker later on!

I submitted a bug report about this:

BZ set duplicate of tdf#123768