Locked document file

Recently all my files on LibreOffice say Document file … is locked for editing by Unknown User
Why is this occurring?

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Please also state the file type in which you have saved your file.

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Have you armed an antivirus program?
What else has changed recently, updates, system change. new hardware, what else?

Computer is Acer AMD-A10-7300 Radeon RG
Windows 10
LibreOffice 7.4.Ink
AVG basic protection used for several years
my computer reads: ‪C:\Users\Public\Desktop\LibreOffice 7.4.lnk

LibreOffice 7.4.Ink

What do you mean “Ink” ?

Usually a “soft link” in Windows placed on the desktop and pointing to the actual .exe

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You have recently installed LO 7.4.?.?. Have you added the new version to AVG Allowed list?

yes. AVG is regularly updated

Have you added the new version of LibreOffice to AVG’s Allowed list of programs?

yes. under exceptions for AVG I have: ‪C:\Users\Public\Desktop\LibreOffice 7.4.lnk

Maybe that works for current AVG, I believe they have made changes since I last had it installed.
Previously, you had to add the path to soffice.bin, typically for 64bit "C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.bin". You normally had to navigate in the dialogue box and in the right folder start typing soffice.bin before you could select it.

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Did a new document this morning. No adverse message but all old files up to a few days ago have the locked message but can open a copy file.

Sounds like LibreOffice is still not on list of Allowed programs. Try adding path including soffice.bin.
See How to use the Blocked & Allowed apps settings | AVG

inserted but no change

inserted again and it now works ok. Thanks for your help.

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