Mac LO 5.3.7 (64) JRE

I cannot seem to get LO to recognize my most recent JRE. I’ve installed JRE 9.0.1 (64) but after restarting LO and restarting my Mac the JRE displayed in Options/Advanced/Java Options is ver. 1.8.0_151.

I tried to point to the current JRE version by clicking on Add and going to the new JRE deep within my library but the JRE file is greyed out (even with show hidden filed activated).

I’m terrifically confused and frustrated. I fear that I’m overlooking something very basic but I need help.



First, Mac requires JDK not JRE. JRE is in JDK. See my answers in this post and this post.

Also, there was a problem with Java 9.x & LO - see this Bug Report. Not quite certain if this has been resolved. Java 8.x, as you seem to have, does work.

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